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Hi...and welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy your visit...and will come again, changes will be made frequently.....Please stop by the Guest Book.....and let me know you were here!!

Katmando's Home Page

(Scott Adams),...not "that" Scott Adams !!

About Me.....

My name is Scott Adams, I live in the St Louis area,where I was born,and grew up. I'm not the Scott Adams who draws Dilbert in the funnypapers,sorry to say! I'm single,and have a cat,but that's as close as it gets! I'm a remodeling contractor by trade.

Hobbies and Interests

My interests are many and varied. They include; Computers(duh!), Internet (duh! again!), I raced motorcycles offroad for many years,but got too old to keep up with the kids who race now!! I'm an advanced woodworker (Norm Abrahms Wannabe!) I build furniture and custom cabinets mostly.

Purpose of This Page?

To have fun with My computer,and to somehow try and justify all the disposable income I have pissed away on this latest of My expensive hobbies! Also,to be a source for other websurfers to find Internet software that will make life on the Net a little easier,and more fun. You may e-mail Me for help if You can't find exactly what You need at the sites below,.....or just to say "Hello"!

Visit the Home Pages Of My IRC Friends

These are a few of My Sources

C-Nets Huge Software Library

Tucows Site For Internet Software

Stroud's Internet Software

Krusty's Lounge (another great software source)

Windows 95 Apps Exclusively

Even More Win 95 Apps (great page!)

Lest I Forget,..Bill Gates Little Software Store!

Wash. U. software archives the "other" Scott Adams!

P C Magazine

Great Site For Fine Tuning Win95

All The Facts on Windows 96

Visit the Whitehouse!

Yahoo Web Search Engine

To Access the Best Internet Provider in St Louis Area!

To Download Software Used To Create This Page

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Top Ten Reasons to turn Your computer OFF!

Do you need to get a life? Find out:

Top ten signs you should spend time away from computers:

10. Your blood pressure is 640 over 480.

9. You can replace a motherboard and hard drive in 18 minutes,but it takes you 3 hours to change a flat tire.

8. You can't remember the last time you went out with your buddies and got seriously defragged.

7. You turn down dates because you have to clean your Windows directory tonight.

6. As your significant other is walking out on you, you plead "Can't we just do a clean boot?"

5. You spend more time searching for,and downloading new software than you do using what you already have!

4. Your life has lost its meaning since Intel and Microsoft announced Plug and Play.

3. 900 numbers? Never touch 'em. But you've racked up $2,500 in IRC Chat connect-time bills this year.

2. The Microsoft Natural Keyboard seems like a pretty neat idea.

1. You got more than half the jokes in this list.

Comments about this list (and suggestions for future lists) to:

"He" made me do it!!!

Top 10 signs you may be addicted to IRC.

10. Your service provider calls *you* for tech support.

9. Someone at work tells you a joke, and you say "LOL!"

8. You visably drool when you hear someone mention "cable modems"....!

7. You plan to install a 2.1 gigabyte Hard you don't have to delete channel logs so often !!

6. You watch T.V. with closed captioning turned on.

5. Your friend Tom tells you something sad on the phone and you say "Awwww, me hugs Tom."

4. You've called out someone else's nick while making love to your husband.

3. You keep begging your friends to get an internet account so "we can hang out."

2. Three words: carpal tunnel syndrome.

1. You laughed at this list.

You might be addicted to irc if.... want to meet a girl and your first impulse is to turn on your computer. once devoted a weekend to "working on your popups."

...when you join #callahans everyone types "Norm!"(for Norm Taylor.....a shameless Mac user..!!)'re a heterosexual male, but one time you used a feminine nick "just to mess with the horny net geeks."

...the words "takeover," "nick collide," and "flood" make your heart beat faster and your hands a little shakey. make it a point to change your ping reply and quit message daily. have over 20 megs of .wav files in your Mirc directory. have to get a second phone line just so you can call Domino's.

...your child ignores your request and you wonder if she is lagged. have ever wondered if there is a #irc-anon. have an irc web page.'ve ever logged on to dalnet.

...when someone on the channel asks if anyone knows some good servers, everyone else types your nick. spend countless hours trying to choose Mirc or Pirch as your default IRC Client.....until the next upgrade...and then you have to choose again...!!!'ve ever typed "drinking on irc is better than drinking alone." have a vanity car tag with your nick on it.'ve been lagged so bad that you've switched servers so much you can see you nick on the channel list 3 times. no longer type with proper punctuation, capitalization, or complete sentences..and You have begun to think to yourself in IRC shorthand as well.....!! dont know your boyfriend/girlfriend's first name

...your boyfriend/girlfriend in RL gets on IRC coz its the only way to reach you find yourself wishing that that bitch on your block were on irc so you could flood her feel a need to talk in all caps to certain people in RL

...the JehovA's Witnesses knock on the door, and all you can think of doing is flood them with PINGs.

...You call up your friend Nick, and /invite $nick to #watch_TV

...You offer the babysitter OPS when you go out for the night

...You refer to rush hour traffic as LAGGED... or to avoid traffic, you tell your passenger you need to quit for a second to switch servers

...The word I is now replaced in your vocabulary with /me.

...You raise your hand in class, and say "BRB"

...You have more than 3 private MSG windows going simultaneously

...You won't subscribe to a certain internet provider because they don't offer unlimited time per month

...Instead of taking a disk home from work, you set up your BOT to serve it to you later that night

...You no longer have to stop and explain to your friends what "RE ALL" means

...You begin to say hehehehehehehehe instead of laughing

..You don't sleep at night because you stay up late thinking of a new NICK

If YOU answer yes to more than, say, four or five of those things , you should think about going to The World Headquarters of Netaholic Annonymous. They understand, and they care. Help is out there.


If you answered no to everything, then perhaps you should look into some irc related links, so that you too can lose whatever resemblance of a real life you may have left.