Other IRC friends honoring the memory of KATMANDO

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NetPulse and BitBT have graciously re-hosted Kat's web page in memorial

More messages from Kat's many friends on IRC

Rohan (Eugene J. Champagne) -- "I'll remember you as a very nice person"

D-In-Tx -- "I will miss you Le Kat"

Iggie (Jane Pierson) -- "Yesterday the regulars in #gnnchat lost a good friend, the irrepressible Katmando. Goodbye Scott...I'll miss you!"

Girl75 (Colleen) -- " Kat, I will miss you greatly, May You Rest In Peace!"

MrBu (Barry) -- "Scott: I hope you finally got to Kat-Kat-Katmando, where the hard drives are never full and the .wavs are endless. We are richer for having known you, and poorer for having lost you."

MuldrzSiS (Little Al) -- "Kat my dear, i will miss you much. If your wonderful wit couldn't make me smile, that *POUNCE* sure did... : )"

FireHeart (Phil) -- "Kat, I didn't know you well enough, but what I did know I liked."

Shar & Nikki -- "Kat/"Dad"- We will always miss you...more than you know."

BonM (Bonnie) -- "Katmando, you're a helpful and nice person. I will think of you always when I'm online. May you rest in peace!"

Saashy (Mary) -- "Kat, may the angels lead you into paradise! Thank you Kat for your warm friendship and your wit, you will be missed and remembered!"

Nancydrew (Terri) -- "We will miss your humor, your :-], and above all your help and understanding. Bye Kat we will think of you always."

BonnieH (Bonnie) -- "Scottie, you always had time to help me, even when busy! I will miss you, my guru! I learned ever so much from you, and am richer for knowing you!"

MHz -- "To one of the first people I met in #gnnchat, I never met you in real life, but I felt like you were a good friend. your in god's hands now. may you rest in peace, and when its my time I hope to meet my friend from the internet. Katmando!"

Acm_In (Andrew Miller) -- "It was a pleasure having known you. Your humor, wit, friendliness, and helpfulness are irreplaceable. I will remember you as a person who brightened my online experience."

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