Scott F. Adams

In tribute to your memory, and to you, whose kind and gentle ways have touched so many so deeply.

Kat's Picture

Dear Kat,

I miss your charm, your shady jokes, your wit.

I miss coming on to the channel and hearing your "Hiya Dear!"

I miss your uncanny perception and your concern, always seeming to know when something was not quite right in someone else's world. You've helped me through some rough times, Sweets, and I hope you know just how appreciated you've been.

I hope you've finally caught that mouse you've been chasing.

I can picture you now, dancing cheek-to-cheek with every good-looking Angel you can find... They are the lucky ones, Dear.

You, my Dear Friend, were one of the first people I met on IRC. I can remember the first time I met you. I'd dropped in on #gnn. I found you and a whole bunch of really great people, and I started pouring the coffee, turning invisible, and swallowing keys. I was brand-new to the on-line world, so I was a little flakey. ;) I remember you kept heading to the door, so "*Lythande wrestles Scotty to the floor." It was then that I found out what a truly rotten, ornery SweetHeart you were. And you have been there ever since.

You have always been one of the first people I look for whenever I'm online. I still look for you, Kat, and I always do and always will find you in my heart.

Save me a spot on your dance card, Dear.

With Love and tender memories,


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