NCAA Tournament Preview

First Round


1 Arizona over Jackson St. -- Jackson St. sees Salt Lake City, goes home

2 St. John's over Northern Arizona -- crowd and focus on NA's side, talent on Red Storm's

14 Winthrop over 3 Oklahoma -- Winthrop won at Missouri, lost in OT at Maryland; discipline wins

4 LSU over 13 SE Missouri -- SE Missouri is seeded ahead of three of these teams - I don't get it

5 Texas over Indiana St. -- No way, even if Bird suits up

11 Dayton over 6 Purdue -- Flyers bomb from the outside

10 Gonzaga over 7 Louisville -- 'ville wins vs. NC, Utah, Syracuse look less impressive; Gonzaga in an 8 day span in December: lost at Cincinnati by 7, at Temple by 16, beat UCLA in LA by 16

9 Fresno over 8 Wisconsin -- too close to call, go with Shark


1 Michigan State over 16 Valparaiso -- which round will Magic show up?

2 Iowa St. over 15 Central Conn. St -- good warm-up for Cyclones

3 Maryland over 14 Iona -- may not have to concentrate for this one

!3 Samford over 4 Syracuse -- oh wait, I thought that was Stanford -- what the heck, these guys beat St. John's in NY, more than Orange could do

12 St. Bonaventure over Kentucky -- I spent a weekend in Olean, NY once; believe me, they'll fight like hell to stay away

6 UCLA over 11 Ball St -- Bruins putting it together, Ball proved conclusively they were just as good as Miami (Ohio), who isn't here

7 Auburn over 10 Creighton -- athletes beat shooters

9 St Louis over 8 Utah -- Utah only wins at home


1 Duke over 16 Lamar -- no comment

2 Temple over 15 Lafayette -- half the country can't name what state these two are from -- the road to the championship starts here

3 Oklahoma St- 14 Hofstra -- Sutton doesn't lose this

4 Illinois over 13 Penn -- close, but Ivies lose this one

12 Butler over 5 Florida -- Florida kids not ready for the tourney

11 Pepperdine over 6 Indiana -- beach boys choke Hoosiers before Bobby

7 Oregon over 10 Seton Hall -- Hall's C Dalembert's size against the superior Ducks

9 DePaul over 8 Kansas -- your guess is as good as mine…they both suck


1 Stanford over 16 SC St. -- the Cards warm up

2 Cincinnati over 15 NC Wilmington -- enough left for this, wonder what might have been

3 Ohio St over 14 Appalachian St -- too big a class edge, but Mountaineers can shoot

4 Tennessee over 13 Louisiana -- Ragin' Cajuns keep changing their name, trying to confuse opponents

5 UConn over 12 Utah St -- closer than they might think

6 Miami over 11 Arkansas -- Miami is good enough to go all the way to the regional final or home

tomorrow -- tough draw for them

7 Tulsa over 10 UNLV -- Rebs won a tourney at home, won't beat a good team

8 North Carolina over 9 Missouri -- because they've won a couple of games against decent teams, Tigers haven't

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