It's a few hours early for a post-mortem, but the Padres are on life-support at this point, so we might as well look back on this Series. As someone who picked the Padres, I could point to the blown call in game one or to Bochy's strange use of his bullpen and bench last night as keys to the Series. The problem is, everything had to go right for the Padres and it didn't. It rarely does. The Yankees are the vastly superior team, which doesn't mean they had to win, it just means they don't need everything to work right, they have margin for error. For example, the Padres brought in Trevor Hoffman in the eighth with one man on and a one run lead. The Yankees brought in Mariano Rivera with one on and a two run lead. Hoffman had to worry about the runner, Rivera didn't. The Yankees simply look, and in fact are, more dangerous at every turn. They go to their bullpen with confidence, the Padres, with fear. If someone had told me the Padres were going to have three run leads in the seventh inning in two of the first three games, I would've been pretty confident of this being a good Series. I would've been wrong.


Hero of Game Three: Scott Brosius…and the current leader for Series MVP

Goat of Game Three: Trevor Hoffman…maybe he should have been in the game sooner
but that's no reason to give up a three-run homer

Pure Second-Guess of Game Three: well, this was a first guess… Andy Sheets? Bochy left the Padres season up to Andy Sheets? Even if you agree with Bochy that righties were seeing Rivera better (and lefties were 2 for 5 last night), would you leave your season up to Andy Sheets?

Speaking of lefties, have you ever seen anyone look worse than Wally Joyner? He was one of the lefties Rivera got out last night, along with Ken Caminiti, who is hitting .100 this week.


Let's not leave game three behind without a tip of the hat to Sterling Hitchcock. For a few minutes, with his arm, with his bat, with his legs, and with his guts, he had put the Padres back in the Series. Nice try, Sterling.


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