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There's something about being down 3-0 in a seven-game series. You can't envision digging out of it. In the World Series, no one ever has. Almost no one even wins one game. So we can pretty much think of this as over. For seven innings last night things were so different -- the Braves were headed for a win and could certainly expect to have a good chance of beating Roger Clemens in a big game, doesn't everybody. But as is always the case, the little things went the Yankees way. There was a breeze blowing to right, just enough to push Chuck Knoblauch's ball over the fence and tie it up. The one wrong call of the night, on the steal of third, also went against the Braves, costing them a run.

It's funny how things can turn around. In the NLCS, Bobby Valentine left Kenny Rogers in one batter too long. Last night, Bobby Cox left Tom Glavine in one batter too long. Not that he made a bad pitch, but it sure wasn't a good one.

It's the Yankees finding the unlikely heroes, not the Braves. Most important, the Yankees have Mariano Rivera. In the bottom of the 8th, even thought the score was tied, all the pressure was on the Braves, because one more run and the game was over, since Rivera was waiting. When he came in, I knew the Braves were just trying to hang around for two innings, since they just can't score off him.

Then Chad Curtis, doing what so many lesser lights have done come October, put his name in the history books, starting the Braves' death watch.


Hero of the Game: Curtis, but Knoblauch's HR was just as big.

Goat of the Game: Bobby Cox -- left Glavine in too long because he was afraid of a bullpen which was a key component of the team all year.

Shameless Second Guess: where the hell was Bret Boone going? Why a steal of third with no one out and a weak pitcher on the mound?

Reason for the Braves to Be Optimistic: they mostly make a lot of money, life is good

Reason for the Yankees to Be Optimistic: they'll get to spray all the champagne they want on Jim Gray.


Speaking of Jim Gray…enough already! Who the hell do the Yankees think they are? You don't choose your own reporter, that's the best way to stop effective news gathering. That's not the way it should be done in America and that's bad for baseball. If there was a commissioner, Curtis would've been fined for that stunt. Wait, there is one…I guess he's too busy trying to find the guts to make a statement about Pete Rose.



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