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Today is Heisman Trophy day, so here are my picks:

  1. Ricky Williams
  2. Cade McNown
  3. Michael Bishop
  4. Tim Couch

What is most notable about these four is how little most people have seen of them. The current TV contracts have far fewer national games than before and what most people know about these guys is what they've seen on ESPN highlights. The three QB's had great seasons, in one way or another. Tim Couch revived the Kentucky program, throwing for a million yards, putting them in a bowl game. Michael Bishop carried the offense of the powerhouse Kansas State program ( a phrase I've never written, said, or even thought before). I have McNown ahead of them because he not only had to carry the UCLA offense on his back, but the defense as well.

Still, this Heisman belongs to Ricky. He started the season as the favorite and did nothing to lose the race. Most folks will say he won it the day he broke Tony Dorsett's all-time rushing record. Personally, I think he wrapped it up the day he wore Doak Walker's number 37, a salute to the legendary Southwest Conference tailback who had died that week. That's class, especially in an era where most athletes have no idea who played their sport five years ago, let alone fifty.


The Dodgers just signed Kevin Brown to a seven year $105 million contract. This is actually insane. Giving a pitcher a seven year contract in and of itself is a dangerous precedent, surely he should have had to sacrifice some money for that level of security. This winter may come back to haunt Major League Baseball, as it seems the longer you wait to sign, the more money there is. The last shall be first, as it were.


The President's Cup? Isn't that what Clinton had to wear when Hillary found out the truth about Monica? Apparently it's some golf event where the United States plays a bunch of guys who aren't from Europe. Really, that one is true. All I know about it is that I didn't get to see SportsCenter the last two days and that we're getting our clubs waxed. Hard to get fired up about this, but I'm guessing someone will write an angry letter to the Times about "fat cats vs. hungry athletes with something to prove."


UCLA wearing black? I thought I had turned on the wrong game the other day. Oh well, when recruiting "gangsta wannabes", I guess it's important to pander to their clothing styles. So traditional colors become black, shorts are worn below the knee, and long-time fans can watch the Classic Sports basketball replays. Couldn't they at least have waited until John Wooden was no longer around to see it?


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