Slowly the curtain closes,
The final act complete;
Exquisite the performance
As roses at her feet.

The drama now has ended;
Pain was its theme and she
Played it with charm and courage
Though she could clearly see

Then seated in the audience
And watching with intent
Death sat with sober visage;
And what his presence meant

She sensed, but did not falter,
Nor miss a word or line:
Each phrase, each gesture, flawless,
Each nuance, crystalline.

Empty the stage and silent
That once her presence graced,
And sad the hearts that loved her;
But she with joyous haste

Has entered halls of glory
Beyond life's fleeting day,
And talks of all its meanings
With the Author of the Play.

Charles P. Robshaw (1915-2003)
December 2, 1988

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