ELPC Choir School Launched!

Under the well-qualified direction of ELPC's Artist-in-Residence Dana Bhatnagar, our newest musical offering, The Choir School, has begun!

Students in grades 2-8 may enroll with maximum enrollment limited to 25 students. Presenting a program of discipline, parental support, vocal development, rudiments of music, the program of The Choir School will offer a repertoire of great music of the church as well as spiritual awareness through the hymnody of the church.

Parents—give your children the gift of music and an opportunity for them to grow and develop confidence, musical awareness and appreciation. Enroll your children now in ELPC's Choir School.

Need more information? Call Dr. Szeremany, Rev. Gail Ransom or Ms. Dana Bhatnagar at 441-3800. Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 5:45-6:30 pm.

Handbells ring again

Handbells resume rehearsals.

Even if we don't have room in the choir for all of you who would like to ring, we are developing a substitute list. So let us know you read music, ring bells and would be willing to be called upon as an occasional substitute.

Let Dr. Szeremany or Jeffry Johnson know of your availability (441-3800).

Attention all Instrumentalists!!

Join the musical leadership forces of ELPC with your musical instrument!

We are a group of instrumental musicians for seasonal presentations during our weekly worship experiences and special events. Practices are scheduled as are needed in order to prepare for our special presentations.

If you play an instrument (strings, winds, brass, percussion, etc.) and are interested in joining our "band" please leave a note with your name, address, telephone number, instrument(s) you play, and a brief description of your instrumental musical experiences to Jeffry Johnson or Richard Szeremany at the church office.

For more on current musical offerings at ELPC read our current Newsletter Reaching Out and visit our page on worship, music and the arts at ELPC. And see what you think of ELPC's efforts to establish an Academy of Music and the Arts.

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