Academy of Music and the Arts

The following proposal to establish at ELPC an Academy of the Arts is a direct outgrowth of ELPC's Mission Statement and philosophy of ministry in worship, music, and the arts.

In addition to what is our well-rehearsed Reaching Up, Reaching Out, Reaching You statement of our being, this Academy would add a fourth dimension: Reaching Through.

The philosophy of the Academy, while it may on paper appear academic, seeks first to be in touch with individuals as human beings, as persons who are endowed by our Creator with gifts, talents and abilities. These are to be discovered, recognized, nurtured and brought to such a level of development that the individual is enabled and equipped to Reach Through the ordinary, often negative, philosophy of living to embrace for herself/himself a new way a productive, self-enhancing and, by extension, a culturally enhancing way of life for others.

The up-front purpose of the Academy curriculum is first to reach and to influence the lives of enrolled students through:

The Academy, as a further purpose, seeks to equip its students to be able to function confidently and with assurance in society through skilled preparation for public performance in a student's field of endeavor. Beyond the individuals enrolled in the Academy, our purpose is to reach families because their influence upon students is so powerful. Our family contact is motivated by the 4 R's of ELPC's ministry, as is our direct contact with enrolled students.

This Academy is presented as a concrete way of moving from the heart and paper of our prayers for God's Kingdom to come among us to the implementation of that prayer in our teaching, reaching and nurturing of those whom God will send to us.

Projected Starting Date: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . January 1, 1998

What It Is:

An educational outreach of ELPC in fulfillment of the ELPC Music & Arts Program Goals and Music and Arts Staffing Requirements.

What It Does:

Provides members (individuals and families) of ELPC and the City of Pittsburgh an opportunity to be part of an educational performance-oriented program of music and arts which stresses the importance of developing individual talent, self-worth, self-awareness, and self-esteem; a program which encourages growth and promotes awareness of the arts as an integral part of life.

What It Offers:

Courses in liturgical drama, musical theater, dance, ballet, community chorus, art and art expression, inter-generational courses and experiences.

How it is to be Ordered:

This Academy is a project in "partnering": bringing together numerous agencies which already have been part of the ELPC program and unifying the many efforts of these in addition to others, such as:

How It Will be Staffed:

How It Will be Funded:

At present, 2 professional grant proposal writers have agreed to work with ELPC to seek funding for the Academy with their fees to be included in proposals.

How it Relates to ELPC:

It is in accord with both the philosophy and spirit as well as the letter of the Worship, Music and the Arts portions of the ELPC Strategic Plan.

Amount of funding required for a 2-year start-up program for which funding ELPC Senior Pastor would be asked to give permission to obtain in the amount of $250,000-$285,000.

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