Peter's Prayer

Dear Lord:

It is time.

After everyone's loving help and support in putting up the good fight,

We now know it was not your will.

After the treatments, the hospitals, the fear, the harsh honesty of saying goodbye,

It is time for my spirit to travel from this finite world to your infinite eternity.

To your LIGHT, Lord.

To a light that contains the collective wisdom of mankind;

To a light that is exciting, whimsical, full of mystery,

Never boring

But also a light free of anguish and anxiety; a light full of comfort and grace.

To a light that is the most powerful force in the universe.

A light so powerful that its power is not imposing or domineering but welcome and natural.

A light that I now join in total harmony with you throughout eternity.

So Lord, today I pray, not for me but, for those people who made my life so rewarding and full. The people who helped create the memories that will be part of me always.

I pray that they learn to understand your will and accept it.

I pray that their remaining time on earth be joyous and fulfilling.

I pray that they find peace on earth and throughout eternity.

But Lord, most of all I ask that you give each of them a part of our light.

I ask that you place it deep in their hearts so they can use it for their own comfort and well-being while they remain on earth.

I ask that it lift their hearts and transform their grief from pain to sublime understanding.

And I ask that, as the years go by, they can find joy in holding our light in their hearts and in knowing that I am with them always and knowing how grateful I am to have shared my life with them.


Copyright Roger L. Kingsland, III, 2001

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