Sterling Qualities

My father, always the kindly gentleman, for the past year bravely, without complaint, has battled pancreatic cancer. My mother's love and devotion toward helping him was without measure. She, along with many family members, friends, and doctors tried countless ways to help extend his life and to make it more comfortable, which he so appreciated. He humbly would tell us,"you do too much for me."

His hopeful attitude was an inspiration to everyone. He never lost his caring and charming demeanor. Even during his last days when he could hardly walk he was still respectfully opening doors for ladies and the elderly at the hospital.

My father eventually lost his battle to this relentless disease. This last year, however, gave us a very extrordinary time to grow together as a family, and to really appreciate the deep love we shared for each other. We were given the chance to reflect and enjoy so many of our past experiences, and to forge new ones in our struggle.

My parents taught me the simple and absolute nature of unconditional Love, and in the end, all there is, is Love.

My father is with God now, and no longer in pain, but he will be sorely missed by all those who knew him and loved him. Thanks, Dad, for all you've given us and for showing us the true meaning of the word "Gentle Man."

Copyright Christopher Gray Hackney, 2001

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