How I remember Dad

To me my Dad will always be a man of all titles
A doctor
who healed my skinned knees when I'd scrape them
A coach
who taught me how to throw and catch so I could play ball
A judge
who sentenced me to my room when I was too rough to handle.
A guide
who through his trials and tribulations lit for me a candle
A gardener
who sewed in me the seeds of  life, hope, and compassion
A poet
whose words never rhymed but his writing was beautiful
A suave businessman
whose top priority was always family
A knight
who taught me that chivalry isn't dead, it's just rusty
A chef
who knew just how much French toast and cartoons to use for the perfect Saturday morning
A pillar
who was always there to support me when I'd waver
A sage
whose greatest insight was the ability to listen
To me
Dad was all of these things and much more.
But above and beyond all
he was a father by every definition of the word
Dad was a very bright person who brought light to my life
And today I see that light reflected in all of his friends family and loved ones who have gathered here today to remember him
I ask to take that light with you when you go
Because if you do he will never be forgotten.

I love you DAD.

Copyright Barret Eastman Hackney, 2001

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