Penn's list of links to Christian-oriented material on the web

Bibles Online:

Churches with Wonderful Web Sites:

First Church of Cyberspace, says it's "Building A Church For The New Millennium Now". It was founded by Charles Henderson, a Presbyterian minister and Executive Director of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life.

The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, truly a light in the city reflecting the inclusive love of God, this church reminds me of what I hope East Liberty Church is and will become.

Grace Cathedral. A very sophisticated web site.

St. John the Divine. Like the church itself, the site is really big, and really beautiful.

Washington National Cathedral. Check out their excellent virtual tour.

These are not necessarily "wonderful" web sites, but they are wonderful churches, and anyway, I have a personal affection for Pittsburgh's East End churches on the web.

General Resources:

Beliefnet, a leading multifaith spirituality and religion Web site. I realize I'm starting this list with a site that's not "Christian" but it's an interesting site, there is a Christian section, and it has to lead off because the list is alphabetical.

The Britannica Search Results for Christianity, with suggested Web sites.

The Catholic Encyclopedia contains all 11,614 scholarly and readable articles electronically transcribed from the 1917 edition. This site also includes Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica and a large collection of ancient Christian writings in the Church Fathers section.

Catty's Chapel, delightful and commodious pages with links to sites about various shades of the Christian experience: Anglican and Episcopal, Liberal, Creation Spirituality, Mainstream and Liturgical, Fundamentalist and Evangelical, Spiritual and religious art, Multi-Cultural and Ecumenical, as well as some decidedly non-Christian expressions of spirituality and humor. And each page will play a song.

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics, dedicated to providing biblically sound online resources, committed to the system of doctrine known as Calvinism, which they belive is the most biblically faithful systematization of the Bible's teachings. Very cool, if like me you're a Calvinist.

Christ Eternal Christian Church, a Bible study focusing on the Parousia in A.D. 70, from an antidispensationalist perspective.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: "Classic Christian books in electronic format, selected for your edification. There is enough good reading material here to last you a lifetime, if you give each work the time it deserves!" Non-fiction, fiction, and reference, with a search engine. Maintained by Harry Plantinga.

Christian Texts, with sections with texts from the Scriptures, gnosticism, early Christian, Eastern Churches, Renaissance and Reformation, modern, and links. From the very commodious Internet Sacred Text Archive.

The Christian Theology Page, by Bryan Stone. Fides quaerens internetum. A hub for locating serious Christian theological activity on the Internet.

Christianity at The Mining Company: A real smorgasbord, with web-surfing "guides" organized by Scott Kurnit. The Christianity page is "mined" by the Reverend Charles Henderson, a Presbyterian minister, organizing pastor of the First Church of Cyberspace and webmaster of ARIL / CrossCurrents Online.

Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi, A large collection of links to Roman Catholic resources, including sites with exhibits of the art in the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and other Renaissance paintings.

Creeds of Christendom: Ancient | Baptist | Episcopal | Lutheran | Mennonite | Methodist | Orthodox | Pentecostal | Presbyterian | Puritan | Quaker | Reformed | Roman Catholic | Salvation Army | UCC | Miscellany | Search -- A fabulous resource, very comprehensive as you can see. Maintained by Rev. Michael H. Anderson, who also has a fine page on John Knox.

CrossSearch: a large online Christian resource directory with a search engine.

Cyber Churches, a listing.

Cyber Hymnal, with the words to many hymns, and yes, with the tunes in midi format too!

Earth Renewal, not Christian, but a free expression of life and a search for truth - an impassioned plea for the fulfillment of human potential in the context of humility in the face of a beautiful, generous, and endangered planet. Something here made me want to keep a link to it on this page.

Fourth Presbyterian's (Pittsburgh) short list of Christian resources and kids' links on the web.

Free Will and the Omnipotence of God, in principles (Great Chain of Being), poetry (Milton), and pedantry (Burgess).

Great Christian Links at the Gilead Baptist Church in western North Carolina, is a compendious collection from the conservative point of view.

Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet: This document contains pointers to Internet accessible literature related to Classical Christianity (a term coined by C.S. Lewis to describe a theology which affirms the importance of a transforming faith in Christ as God and Savior). With a whole lot more in the very extensive Guide to Christian resources on the Internet. The site includes the entire public library of the Institute Practical Bible-education, Netherlands.

Irish Theological Association, a nice gateway to help support people in Ireland and around the world as they learn and do theology.

The Hall of Church History, or "Theology from a bunch of dead guys" is full of the traditional material -- from all points of the spectrum. (Text version, faster loading.) Phil's links, from a decidedly conservative point of view.

John McDowell's Theology and Philosophy page, from the Meldrum Lecturer in Systematic Theology at the University of Edinburgh, focuses on Karl Barth.

The Martin Marty Center is the institute for the advanced study of religion at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Visit particularly its Page, with periodic essays that illuminate and interpret the forces of faith in a pluralist society.

The Pittsburgh Experiment, a Christian interdenominational ministry to business and working men and women of all walks of life, equipping them for their ministry to one another in their "marketplaces" and beyond.

Religion and Philosophy Resources on the Internet from Boston University School of Theology, providing a selected listing of local and world-wide Internet sources for religion and philosophy.

Virtual Christianity is an extensive collection, with brief commentary, of key resource pages devoted to christianity and the Bible, with Web Resource Server Sub-Pages for Christianity | Bibles | Software | Resource Lists | Multi-resource Sites | Bible Studies | Biblical Discussion Topics | and More!

Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua, a sacred place in cyberspace named after a little old dog with cataracts who barked sideways at strangers because he couldn't see where they were. We humans relate to God in the same way, making noise in God's general direction, and expecting a reward for doing so. Hence our creed: We can't be right about everything we believe. Thank God, we don't have to be!

William Blake on the web. A radical Christian and my hero.

Yahoo's Meta-index to Chirstianity on the web.

The Yale Library Selected Internet Resources: Christianity. It's as good as it sounds. An older version exists too.

Magazines, Periodicals and News:

Christianity Today, tried and true still.

Presbyterian Outlook, a national independent weekly news magazine. Known for its succinct, accurate, fair and balanced news coverage.

The Layman Online, web edition of The Presbyterian Layman, a stridently conservative effort.

PresbyWeb, Presbyterian news from left to right.

SojoNet, The Online Voice of Sojourners Magazine, "Christians for Justice and Peace," with the excellent SojoMail, a weekly mailing of insight and inspiration to help you practice spirituality and values at work, at home, and in your local community.

Ship of Fools, the magazine of Christian unrest. A London offering of humor, satire and popular theology.

Anglicans Online, a truly fine kettle of fish, with news and resources galore.

"Once I found out the secret of the Universe. I have forgotten what it was, but I know that the Creator does not take Creation seriously, for I remember that He sat in Space with all His Work in front of Him and laughed." -- Lord Dunsany, "The Hashish Man"

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